About Us

What is YouSeenThat?

YouSeenThat.com was launched in 2008 to act as a beacon for trustworthy movie reviews. It’s hard to find a person that doesn’t enjoy watching a good movie, right? The problem is that it can be even harder to find a reliable review site that tells it how it is. We here at YouSeenThat grew up watching movies – we’re not talking about one or two here and there, we literally grew up watching movies. Thousands of them by the time we hit puberty. We aren’t movie buffs by any stretch of the imagination, far from it – it’s just that we have rather discerning tastes. Let’s face it, we can be harsh when we lay it down, but we’re rarely wrong when it comes to our verdict. You can’t buy a good review on YouSeenThat. We believe that movie reviewing is a two-way exercise in trust: you put your faith in us to be impartial and tell it how it is – in return we honour that trust and strive to keep dishing out honest and impartial reviews.


How Can You Contact Us?

Email admin at youseenthat dot com or via our Contact Us page. No spam please.


Want To Advertise On The Site / Provide Sponsorship / Send Us Stuff To Review?

Contact us at admin at youseenthat dot com. We are always interested in potential sponsorship, promotional items, or free DVD’s to review – especially if you are from an Australian/New Zealand cinema chain or distributor. Free cinema tickets through Reading Cinemas wouldn’t hurt either. Of course we aren’t limited to just the Australasian region, we’re happy to accept inquiries from anywhere in the world. If you are happy to pay the postage to get it us, we’re happy to check it out. There is one condition though: we won’t pull any punches, and we certainly won’t sugar-coat our reviews. Quality in, quality out.


What Is With All The Advertising?

You may notice a few advertisements here and there: ads cover the costs of running YouSeenThat. We don’t make any money out of the site, it’s more to make sure we pay our hosting costs every couple of years. Where possible we do our best to keep advertising to a minimum, while ensuring that it is as unobtrusive and context relevant as possible. Advertising can actually be handy. Read a review for a movie that you might be interested in buying? Simply click on the ad banner to buy it from one of our trusted retailers! Too easy.


What Is The YouSeenThat Popcorn Rating About?

Our rating system works on the following theory: the more you enjoy a movie, the more focused you are on what is happening on the big screen and the less likely you are to be aimlessly shoving salty corn kernels into your mouth. Therefore, the more popcorn in our scorers bucket, the better the movie. Pretty simple, huh?. We like to think of it as an inverse scoring system.


  • Untouched = Goodfellas Good. This movie is the proverbial shit.
  • Three Quarters = Worth Watching.
  • Half Full = Pretty Decent.
  • About A Quarter = Bloody Ordinary. Self-explanatory.
  • Empty Bucket = Rogue Assassin Crap. This movie is complete garbage.


Can YouSeenThat Review ‘Movie X’?

We don’t typically take requests – we review what interests us. Given that we don’t make any money out of YouSeenThat, we probably aren’t going to go out of our way see a movie that we aren’t interested in. Do you know what would change our minds though? See: ‘Want To Advertise On The Site / Provide Sponsorship / Send Us Stuff To Review?‘. Help us, help you.