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“Something something Space Invaders.”


Based on a 2010 short film by Patrick Dean, Pixels tells the story of an alien race who intercepts video of an arcade game challenge back in the 1980’s and considers it a declaration of war. And as is the case with any alien invasion, a group of unlikely heroes lead by Sam Brenner (Adam Sandler) must use their skills to save the world from annihilation, in the form of classic arcade games.

The Verdict:

Despite the fact that it has become an international pastime to hate on Adam Sandler, Pixels is nowhere as dire as some reviewers would have you believe. While the execution is hardly Oscar-worthy, if you love old school arcade games like Asteroids and Donkey Kong, or you’re old enough to remember arcades, nostalgia should be enough to get you through Pixels and/or any hatred of the cast. Sure, the movie is predictable, if not slow and repetitive in places, but don’t automatically dismiss it for the cast. In fact, one could argue that Sander delivers his most subdued performance in a long time, instead leaving the frivolity up to the rest of the cast – notably Kevin James as the dumber-than-dirt President and Peter Dinklage as Sandler’s mullet-laden nemesis. And yes, if you can somehow buy Kevin James as President, then you can buy the rest of the nonsense. Hell, have a few alcoholic beverages, chill, and reminisce about the golden era of gaming.

The YouSeenThat.Com Popcorn Rating:

Okay, it’s not *that* bad.


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