The Green Inferno

Posted in Quickies by - October 25, 2015
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The Green Inferno

“Welcome to the jungle.”


A group of student activists travel to the Amazon to save the rain forest and soon discover that they are not alone, and that no good deed goes unpunished.

The Verdict:

Like Knock Knock, ‘horror maestro’ Eli Roth is back with another homage – this time to Ruggero Deodato’s infamous cult classic ‘Cannibal Holocaust’. You know? The movie that appeared so real that the Italian government dragged the director into court to prove that the brutal murders weren’t legit. AKA: the one with all the animal killing. While the general gist of the story remains intact, now with added activists and mobile phones, there’s really nothing here that we haven’t seen before. Sure, there’s gore-a-plenty as a bunch of annoying twenty-something’s get brutally butchered and cannibalised by tribes people… but on the whole, it felt like a paint-by-numbers in arterial red. For us, the most fascinating part of The Green Inferno is actually the behind the scenes story of a Peruvian tribe who had never seen a movie before, being trained how to act on camera, and in turn doing a better job than half of the professional cast. Yes, some of the acting from our leads is that cringe-worthy. And as seems to be the norm with Eli Roth works – again we wanted all of these idiots to die. Why are his characters so damn unlikeable? Regardless, with the exception of maybe one or two gory scenes that were already spoiled in the trailers (they ain’t for the faint of heart), The Green Inferno was pretty much another Roth snooze-fest.

The YouSeenThat.Com Popcorn Rating:

Eat me.


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